Hobo Children During The Depression

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The Hobo Hieroglyphs: Their Secret Symbols, Explained. These are the marks that told travelers whether a town or house was friend or foe. "I was a hobo," Willy Howard told me. "So was my.

An awesome documentary portrait of the 1930s era. Riding the Rails tells the story of the great depression from the perspective of Hobo's – mostly young people – traveling the country, looking for both work and a life. Review by Rebecca Yeldham, Sundance Film Festival Programmer "Riding the Rails offers a visionary perspective on the [.


Hobos were common sight during the Depression and years after The Great Depression of the 1930s held hardships for most American families. Distraught young and older men were forced to leave home in search of a job or something to eat.

The Hobo Jungle was strictly off limits for all children, so of course we were intrigued and could not.

Her mother sewed all the children's clothes. "I didn't ever wear feedsack," says Colony, "but some of my schoolmates did." Shoes were polished and fixed, and everything was handed down. "To this day," says Colony, the elder sibling, "my sister doesn't want anything from me." Colony believes people living on farms fared better during the Depression.

"Once a Hobo.

The Autobiography of Monte Holm," written by Holm and Dennis L. Clay and published in 1999, is one man's story of living homeless during the 1930s Great Depression, a time when.

Hobos were the nomadic workers who roamed the United States, taking jobs wherever they could, and never spending too long in any one place. The Great Depression (1929-1939) was when numbers were likely at their highest, as it forced an estimated 4,000,000 adults to leave their homes in search of food and lodging.

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Walter Ballard was one young man who became a hobo. He remembers the Depression getting so bad that his family didn't have enough to eat. At least in the hobo jungles, they would share food with each other. Walter remembers the bulls.

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Why children left home during the Great Depression | "At fifteen, all I could remember was hard times." | An old hobo who lied to kids about Lemonade Springs and Rock Candy Mountains | "Hardy people, these Americans, especially in difficult times." | Long ride home hopping freights across America

The Great Depression (1929-1939) was the worst economic downturn in modern history. The preceding decade, known as the "Roaring Twenties," was a time of relative affluence for many middle- and.

Throughout the Depression, hobos took to the American railways and highways, taking with them only what they could carry and leaving behind a cultural legacy that would last for generations. Join Errol Uys, author of Riding the Rails and a guest expert, as he discusses what it was like to hop boxcars during America's darkest economic times.

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Stories of extraordinary humanity from people coping with one of the worst economic crises to hit the western world. Just as the one in 2008, harsh economic.

Hobos were common sight during the Depression and years after The Great Depression of the 1930s held hardships for most American families. Distraught young and older men were forced to leave home in search of a job or something to eat. Often they rode the trains, jumping on and off (from the coal or cattle.

The Hoover administration seemed to turn a blind eye to the worsening economic conditions for youngsters and their families. Secretary of the Interior Ray Lyman Wilbur, a medical doctor, argued in 1932 that the economic Depression could actually be good for children.

Tales of a Depression Era Hobo. Horace Hampton, a former Depression-era hobo, recounts his experiences of life on the road. W. P. Scott, retired University of Georgia professor, also comments on the challenging history of seeking work in America.

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